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Learn the inside scoop on Windows Azure multi-factor authentication in this interview with Program Manager Shawn Bishop. We ask common questions and provide context and links to technical demos on the new product.

In this interview that starts at [05:40], we cover:

  • [06:40] What is Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? https://aka.ms/mfaover
  • [07:20] What infrastructure do you need in order to setup Windows Azure MFA?  
  • [08:21] Are there certain authentication items you could do on-premise that you can't do by synchronizing your on-premise AD to Windows Azure AD?
  • [09:50] How do you setup the Multi-factor Authentication Server https://aka.ms/mfaserver
  • [09:55] How do you integration Windows Azure active directory with MFA? https://aka.ms/mfaad
  • [11:14] Which licensing model makes the most sense to use (per user or per authentication)?  Can you have multiple pools or providers?
  • [12:08] What types of applications do we support with multi-factor authentication?  Can we do MFA with non-Microsoft sources?
  • [13:40] Is there a Windows Azure SDK to extend what types of applications can utilize MFA?  https://aka.ms/mfasdk


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