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Edge Show 79 Microsoft Remote Desktop App

16 minutes, 13 seconds


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Learn the inside scoop on the new Windows Remote Desktop App for iOS, Mac OSx, and Android in this interview with Sr. Product Manager Adam Carter. We ask common questions, demo the iOS remote desktop client, and chat about some of the VDI enhancements in Windows Server 2012 R2.

In this interview that starts at [02:22], we cover:

  • Why are we doing this? 
  • [03:55] Demo Microsoft RDP Client on iPad
    • [04:20] Configuring the Remote Desktop published list from Windows Server 2012 R2 VDI deployment
    • [05:18] Connecting up to Excel remote app and zoom, keyboard, list of other applications, switch to other applications
    • [07:10] Playing YouTube video over RDP
    • [07:52] Connecting up to Windows Desktop
    • [08:35] Trackpad mode
  • [09:35] What clients does the application support connecting to?.
  • [10:14] What are some of the new enhancements with Windows Server 2012 R2 VDI?


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  • Leon MeijerLeon Meijer

    Why an iOS and Android app, but not a Windows Phone app? When can we expect it?

  • @Leon, great question!

  • Antonio PinheiroAntonio Pinheiro

    What is the info that I need to put in the gateway settings?

  • Stanislav ZhelyazkovStanislav Zhelyazkov

    Will the ios and Android apps work with Remote Console in Windows Azure Pack?

  • Please to Amazon Kindle Fire HD , Kindle appstore of Microsoft Remote Desktop App.
    I use Kindle Fire HD Smiley

  • Microsoft has confirmed a version for Windows Phone is also coming: http://thenextweb.com/microsoft/2013/10/19/microsoft-confirms-working-remote-desktop-app-windows-phone/

  • RDP on Windows Phone is more of a nice to have than need to have. There's the size and resolution of the screen which means I'm much more likely to grad a tablet of some sort if I have it within reach.

    But another thing entirely is the fact that there is no VPN on the current version on Windows Phone. When I use RDP from something else than my computer it's not unlikely that I'm away from my LAN and need to VPN into my network before RDP will have any chance of connecting.

  • Does it support RemoteFX vGPU?

  • BiggerWinBiggerWin

    Will these remote desktop clients for Android and iOS support bi-directional audio? That is, can mic audio sourced at the remote client be sent back to the server/target machine?

  • RemoteFX vGPU is supported. Client audio isn't supported on iOS/Android.

  • Vladimir DrbakovVladimir Drbakov

    Heh, same situation as with windows mobile - when M$ get Skype, nothing for windows mobile. Remote desktop not needed by experienced users, who use RDP, they must use IPhone's or, in worst case, Android. They don't trust Microsoft mobile OS anymore.... What's an idiot sitting there at marketing ?

  • @AHelland, With the Lumia 1520 (6 inch and Full HD screen), RDP on Windows Phone does make sense. Especially for short tasks as fixing a server issue or accessing some data from the home PC.

  • hi guys. Our first target was tablets, since that's the most typical use case. As mentioned above, phones are convenient in a pinch, but not a device you'd want to use all the time.
    Windows RT launched with a great RD client in the app store, and the new Android and iOS clients happen to work on phones as well as tablets, because they share the same OS.
    We are committed to the Windows Phone platform and are working on a client - as a Windows Phone user, I want it as much as you do!

  • David Tesardtzar extreme

    @Antonio Pinheiro: You would specify whatever the RD gateway server IP address or DNS name is at your company.  More on what RD Gateway servers: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/what-is-a-remote-desktop-gateway-server

  • That Ebook was written by EdBott correct?  I hope he wasn't upset that this wasn't mentioned when David said "WE packed a ton of new stuff with manageability into the book!" hahaah I think its funny, I am not at all saying anything is wrong with what was said.  I just have seen Ed Bott trying to sell the paperback version all over the place, the book is good. I am glad Ed bott got a chance to write it.  He is a nice guy.

  • Wow that was great I really like how the app for Android lets you switch to the mouse and you can move the mouse around with your finger to click on files, folders, taskbar, whatever you need to do.  I was originally concerned that I wasn't going to be able to connect into my domain because of the NETWORK LEVEL AUTHENTICATION option being always on, but I still was able to get NLA even from my Android device, is this because I was using the device in the same lan or would it work outside as well if I enabled my servers to receive incoming RDP from the internet?

    Also, I noticed that it was not easy to zoom in and out, but I may just have to practice that.  I keep seeing these blue shapes when i try to use my fingers to zoom in and zoom out.  I will keep trying to get used to that.  Great work,

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