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Learn the inside scoop on new capabilities around the new Microsoft Rights Management capabilities which have connections to Windows Azure AD in this interview with Sr. Program Manager Tejas Patel. We ask common questions, demo the iOS remote desktop client, and chat about some of the VDI enhancements in Windows Server 2012 R2.

In this interview that starts at [13:14], we cover:

  • Why do you even need rights management?
  • [T015:00] What's new from Microsoft with rights management?
  • [16:55] Demo Configuring the Office 365 service to Microsoft Rights Management
    • [17:40] Activating the rights management service
    • [18:58] Enabling IRM within SharePoint Online
    • [20:05] Adding a workgroup with an information rights management policy
  • [22:14] Demo - Microsoft rights management client
  • Protecting a text file with the rights management client and sharing it via email
  • How can an IT admin know about people sending protected files?
  • [29:22] Demo - Client not in your organization sign-up for a new Microsoft Rights Management account
  • [31:29] Demo - opening the encrypted text file on an iPad Mini
  • [32:05] What goes on under the hood when a user creates a new Microsoft Rights Management account with Windows Azure AD and authorization?
  • Does the administrator see the encrypted data?
  • [35:15] Can an administrator see the encrypted data?
  • What other applications do we support with Microsoft Rights Management services?
  • Can anyone enable Windows Azure AD and this service even without having Office 365?

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