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Dig into learn Windows Azure Traffic Manager and get the inside scoop in this interview with Principal Program Manager NK Srinivas. NK spends most of the time showing demos of how to use and configure traffic manager around three real world scenarios and also lets you know some of the future features of the service.

In this interview that starts at [02:20], we cover:

  • What is traffic manager used for?
  • [04:04] Demo: Improving the end-user performance with Windows Azure Traffic Manager (WATM) 
  • [08:07] Are the cloud services that you can select as endpoints limited to a single subscription? 
  • [09:12] How did we come up with 300 seconds as the default DNS TTL?
  • [10:30] How do you properly configure your public DNS records to utilize traffic manager?
  • [13:45] Demo: Using traffic manager to upgrade cloud services / applications
  • [15:22] How do you drain clients once you've disabled an endpoint in traffic manager?
  • [16:54] When would you use this method versus other methods to update applications?
  • [17:48] Demo: Using traffic manager for disaster recovery
  • [22:45] What goes on behind the scenes to have the disaster recovery happen?
  • [25:50] What's in store for the future with Windows Azure Traffic Manager?

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