Edge Show 92 - Ned Pyle and changes to DFS in Windows Server 2012 R2

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The Discussion

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    Great show, learned a lot new stuff

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    @LeonMeijer:glad you liked it!

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    David hood

    Good show-getting ned was a bit of a scoop, and who hasn't had some issues with dfs in the past - refreshing to know it wasn't just me. And he didn't mention cloud either, thank f%%k, makes a change .

    Anyway - where would a 40something like myself get such a tshirt…that's what we want to know.


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    Anders Pettersson

    Very good interview with Ned Pyle, it is always great to hear senior PM explain in (as much) detail (as possible) how the thinking about the product/technology have developed over the versions/years and what change this translated into when it comes to the final product!

    Keep up the good reporting work guys!

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    I grabbed that shirt off Redbubble.com, Dave - it is called "Final Run". There is an alternative version over at super7store.com called "Star Wars Arcade"; they have a bunch of good stuff, I first found them when attending SD Comic-Con a few years ago. As Mark Twain famously said, "You can never have enough 1980's vector graphic arcade game t-shirts." Although I might be misquoting him. 

    Thanks for the kind words, all. :)

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    Hey guy. You need to speak about Office 2013/Exchange 2013 SP1, in the news atleast.

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    @SimonT:At the time we recorded the news segment, there was no official news about SP1 that was public or hadn't already been published.

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    little late to review but great architectural detail of DFS...


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