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Learn how you can utilize Chef to deploy Windows Azure resources in this DevOps interview with Senior Technical Evangelist Ross Gardler from MS Open Tech. Ross spends most of the time demoing how to initially deploy a Linux Chef server on Windows Azure, configure the Chef server, and connect the Chef client to the server - all using Chef knife-azure commands.

More specifically at [07:28], we cover:

  • [09:25] What is Chef used for?
  • [10:20] Why is Microsoft integrating Windows Azure with Chef?
  • [11:27] Demo: Deploying a new Windows Azure VM which runs Chef
    • [15:40] Is there a gallery virtual machine image image which contains a Chef server?
    • [13:45] Default.rb file to configure the Chef server
    • [19:30] Can you use this to utilize Git repos such as with Visual Studio Online projects?
  • [19:50] Demo: Bootstrapping the chef client to connect up to the chef server
  • [23:45] What are the options to scale this infrastructure out to multiple nodes and all report in to the Chef server?
  • [25:35] What are the recommended resources to learn more?MS Open Tech Blog
    Chef deployment information to Windows Azure

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