Edge Show 94 - Hybrid Identity

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In this episode of the Edge show Simon May and Rick Claus talk through the latest developments in the Microsoft world including an Office project called Oslo and the Concept of the Office Graph, the think about Life in the Digital Crosshairs or how Microsoft develops secure software and finally apparently Windows XP has almost reached it's end of service! Who knew there was only one patch Tuesday left for Windows XP...Simon and Rick apparently.

In the interview for this episode Simon May talks to Adam Hall from the Cloud and Enterprise group (you'll have seen him on the TechEd main stage) about Hybrid Identity, which is the concept of extending your on-premises single-version-of the truth identity store (AD for 95% of you) to the cloud. Why would you do that? To make identity more usable on a range of devices and in many connectivity scenarios, such as connecting to mobile devices or to the 800+ supported SaaS applications out there.

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    Great show! This is a question for Adam H I guess:

    I've deployed a few 2012R2-based ADFS installs. According to the docs, one of the features of ADFS "3.0" is support for automatic fallback to forms-based authentication. I cannot find any documentation on how to enable this or where it's described in depth. Would be great to have the technet docs updated with some info on this (and yeah, we still need proper documentation you guys!)

    Kind regards,

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