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In this episode of the Edge show Simon May and David Tesar talk through the announcements from Build last week, including Windows 8.1 Update, Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, the new Azure portalAzure Express Route expanding to include BT and Verizon and the end of Windows XP support and how one bank dealt with it.

David highlights his upcoming Microsoft Virtual Academy Jump Start for DevOps and Simon gives a shout out the MVA competition being run for UK residents where you can get a MVA Superheros T-Shirt! 

[10:40] Headline things for IT Pros

[11:02] Usability, UI improvements

[12:50] Pinning modern apps to the taskbar

[13:13] Task bar previews

[14:40] Modern app keyboard and mouse improvements

[18:40] Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode

[23:00] Hardware requirement reductions

[24:59] Mobile Device Management Improvements

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Windows 8.1 Update, Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, the new Azure portalAzure Express Route expanding to include BT and Verizon and the end of Windows XP support



The Discussion

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    Succinct and timely review of the Windows 8.1 Update features.

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    Having the boot to desktop mode, new minimize/close buttons, desktop background in new start menu, taskbar in fullscreen modern apps and store apps in the taskbar have made Win8's interface so much less claustrophobic for us desktop/mouse users.
    A few little things has made a big difference. For non-techy people, just the close X and the more obvious shutdown icon is a big deal to make it less scary.

    One thing that's still missing in this update which would force me to use a different browser is the lack of a way to turn on Cleartype in IE11 with Win8.
    My eyes simply cannot stand reading text without Cleartype.

    I know all the reasons why this has been done (it doesn't work right in portrait mode or on pentile displays etc.) but just like the new changes are for people who use mice instead of touch, the ability to use Cleartype in IE11 would be great for those of us who use displays that will never be used any other way than in landscape mode.

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    Claudio Dorigoni

    Can you please share some details about the changes Microsoft made to make Windows 8.1 Update less memory consuming? Do those improvements (Paul Thurrott wrote of more than 200) apply also for VDIs?

    Thanks, great Show!

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    Worst waste of time ever.

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    Thabo motseo

    It is owesome

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    Stephen Davis

    I Found that the information and discussion was for me Not so informative, but I can see where this type of video would play a major part for someone new to windows 8.1..there is still something to learn even if your largely familiar with the system and programs. People need to keep in mind that there are others not at the same level that they are currently! anyway I thank you for your class and your time.

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    omar french

    no cmment at this time.

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