Edge Show 99 - Assess VM Migration to Azure with MAP

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Evaluate your vms and servers to migrate to Microsoft Azure in this interview with Program Manager Mike Switzer. Mike digs into the Azure migration assessment capabilities for your entire environment using the free Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit.

In the technical interview that starts at [06:12], we cover:

  • How does the MAP toolkit work to do discovery of machines on the network?
  • [08:24] Demo: Excel report of readiness for Windows and Linux machines to be migrated to Azure
  • [11:12] Demo: presentation of data in the MAP toolkit GUI
  • [14:19] Demo: Utilization reporting and Azure calculations
  • How does it factor in the processor speed with a translation to Azure VM sizes?
  • How often does the MAP toolkit get updated?
  • Migration Automation toolkit for MVMC 2.0

Sign up for a free trial of Windows Azure - https://aka.ms/aztrial


Windows Azure Announcements

  • GA of Dynamic Routing VPN Gateways, Point-to-Site VPNs, Autoscale, Read access Geo-Redundant Storage, AD Premium, Scheduler
  • New Automation service
  • Update Website and VM pricing - basic and standard tiers
  • New support for Chef and puppet agents with VMs
  • New datacenter in Brazil and South East Asia

Windows Server 2012 R2 Update WSUS Fix and revised servicing time

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