Edge Show115 - Azure AD Connect Preview (configuring hybrid identity with Azure AD)

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In this show we take an exclusive look at Azure AD Connect to implement hybrid identity. Jen Field (Senior Program Manager Azure AD Fabric) takes us through using the new deployment tool to deploy Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), Directory Sync (DirSync / AAD Sync), Azure AD and the accompanying SSL certificates. These are components that you'll commonly deploy for Office 365, Windows Intune and more.

In the technical interview that starts at [05:10], we cover:

  • [05:30] What does it do?
  • [07:29] Demo: Getting Started
  • [07:48] Demo: Prerequisite installation
  • [08:46] Demo: Connecting to Azure AD
  • [09:54] Demo: Express Settings
  • [10:17] Demo: Customize the deployment
  • [11:01] Demo: Select your AD forest
  • [11:05] Demo: Password Sync or Single Sign On
  • [12:18] Demo: New or Existing AD FS Farm
  • [13:04] Demo: Select the Certificate
  • [14:27] Demo: Select Servers
  • [18:16] Demo: Specify the domain
  • [21:30] Demo: Install the deployment

You can try the Azure AD Connect Preview at https://connect.microsoft.com


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