EdgeShow 38 - ReFS and Storage Spaces chat with Matt Garson

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The Discussion

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    Would love to read some scientific papers about ReFS.

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    @deiruch:Hummm - what are you specifically looking for even more depth on regarding ReFS? Let me know and I can Hit Matt and the file system team up for some more cool deets!

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    I'm interested (just a partial list, in no particular order) in the following topics:

    • How does the filesystem perform in your bechmarks. What are it's strengths/weaknesses? I'll take that with numbers & charts please .)
    • How does it solve the wandering tree problem? With Object-IDs?
    • How is cleanup performed? On-demand? What policies are in place? How does this affect performance? What about defragmentation? Are segments used?
    • How is allocation done? I'm interested in the policies. How does that affect locality?
    • How are transactions supported?
    • Are there any special provisions in place for flash media?
    • Is there a single B+ tree on the disk? One per table?
    • How are snapshots recorded? Is old metadata kept separate? Or is everything in a single big structure?
    • What are the future plans for the FS, except the obvious support for some missing NTFS-features.
    • Where are the weaknesses compared to NTFS?
    • How are explicit flushes (user requested) handled?
    • How will you handle future changes? Any provisions for on-disk layout changes?
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    @deiruch:Wow - that's a list!  Let me work on that for a bit and get back to you, ok?>

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    I'm also curious to hear the answers to some of the questions above. I'm also curious to know where a RAID controller fits into this scenario. Are storage spaces essentially a replacement for Windows Software RAID?

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