EdgeShow 38 - ReFS and Storage Spaces chat with Matt Garson

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Technical Interview: At [02:11] I talk with Matt Garson, a Senior Program Manager from the Storage and File System team about the new filesystem called ReFS. He shares his insights on when to use it, what it does, and how it works with Storage Spaces, a new storage virtualization platform, to address the needs of Windows customers

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The Discussion

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    Would love to read some scientific papers about ReFS.

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    @deiruch:Hummm - what are you specifically looking for even more depth on regarding ReFS? Let me know and I can Hit Matt and the file system team up for some more cool deets!

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    I'm interested (just a partial list, in no particular order) in the following topics:

    • How does the filesystem perform in your bechmarks. What are it's strengths/weaknesses? I'll take that with numbers & charts please .)
    • How does it solve the wandering tree problem? With Object-IDs?
    • How is cleanup performed? On-demand? What policies are in place? How does this affect performance? What about defragmentation? Are segments used?
    • How is allocation done? I'm interested in the policies. How does that affect locality?
    • How are transactions supported?
    • Are there any special provisions in place for flash media?
    • Is there a single B+ tree on the disk? One per table?
    • How are snapshots recorded? Is old metadata kept separate? Or is everything in a single big structure?
    • What are the future plans for the FS, except the obvious support for some missing NTFS-features.
    • Where are the weaknesses compared to NTFS?
    • How are explicit flushes (user requested) handled?
    • How will you handle future changes? Any provisions for on-disk layout changes?
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    @deiruch:Wow - that's a list!  Let me work on that for a bit and get back to you, ok?>

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    I'm also curious to hear the answers to some of the questions above. I'm also curious to know where a RAID controller fits into this scenario. Are storage spaces essentially a replacement for Windows Software RAID?

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