EdgeShow 50 - Windows Azure and StorSimple

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The Discussion

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    Here is the cake (^)

    And Questions:

    1, So StorSimple is a device? What is stopping the team to make it work as a driver or service on Windows 7/8/Server 2012 so we can mount an Azure drive for backup?

    2, What about Azure storage price? Is it still the same even backup could be very cold? i.e. There is no new offer on cheaper cold storage?

    3, Regarding TBs data over WAN, except the mentioned de-duplication, no other new stuff on offer right?



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    Mark Weiner


    Answers to your questions:

    * StorSimple is a standalone system that provides on-premise enterprise storage and fully integrates with Windows Azure storage service -- hence the product name of "cloud-integrated storage"

    * Wrt Azure storage pricing, there are promotional offers called "ASAP" that combine StorSimple system and Azure storage capacity at very attractive pricing

    * Wrt data over the WAN, StorSimple systems mitigate that in multiple ways, including dedupe, compression and (on downloading Azure-stored data) accessing only the application requested data (vs. the entire stored volume)

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