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At [07:36] David Tesar meets with Drew McDaniel, Senior PM in Windows Azure. Drew quickly covers the scenarios in which we see customers using Windows Azure IaaS and then we dig in with demos of Windows Azure VMs, including creating gallery images with Windows Server and Linux. 

One important note to point out: when you run a Windows Server VM in Windows Azure, you don't need to pay for an additional license for Windows Server—it's included with your purchased Windows Azure compute hours.

We more specifically cover:

  • [09:33] Demo: Creating a new Virtual Machine from gallery image
  • [16:07] Demo: Linux Images available through VMDepot
  • [17:55] Demo: Connecting to a VM in Windows Azure and how this works with open endpoints. How do you connect to multiple VMs over RDP with a single public IP?
  • [19:47] Demo: Tip on how to ensure you don't get charged for extra compute usage
  • [21:20] What happens when you delete a running VM? Will it perform a graceful shutdown?
  • [21:45] Demo: Tip on how to ensure you don't get charged for extra storage usage
  • [23:05] How does Windows Azure calculate disk storage usage?
  • [24:09] What happens when you upload a dynamic disk that only uses a portion of available space?



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