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In Edge Show episode 121, learn more about Microsoft's new public preview of release management service connected to Visual Studio Online (VSO) and see demos of it in action with Claude Remillard, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft.

More specifically at [00:46], we cover:

  • Claude's role and background
  • [01:30] What does Microsoft Visual Studio Release Management do?
  • [05:20] What are the differences between the on-premises Release Management product and Release Management as a service?  What are some of the futures enhancements planned for the Release Management service?
  • [07:30] Demo: Where to setup the Release Management connection to VSO
  • [08:38] Demo: Release Management Global Variables
  • [09:36] Demo: Release Management deployment history and logs
  • [11:40] Demo: Release Management Pipeline - including environment definitions and approval steps
  • [13:26] Demo: Configuration of application release template - including rollback, manual intervention, and how it might relate to continuous integration and deployment
  • [16:06] Does Release Management support Chef, Open Source, PowerShell DSC, and other build systems and deployment mechanisms?

 You can checkout a written list of steps to get this going yourself at this blog post.


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    Graham Smith

    I have a blog post series on Continuous Delivery with TFS and Release management at for anyone that's interested.

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