The Edge Show #100 milestone. Azure Automation with Joey Levy.

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It is hard to believe "the Edge Show" got started back in 2007 at TechEd Barcelona. Here we are, 100 episodes later and we're still going strong.  The team members might have changed over the years, but the concept is still essentially the same - get relevant and interesting IT Pro technical content from members of the engineering teams, technical marketing teams and various executives and technical fellows in short digestible episodes that you can watch wherever and whenever you like.

We decided to mix it up a little and reflect back on some of the more funny things that took place over the years, including the mandatory blooper clips to kick things off.

But wait - there is more - at [11:17] Rick interviews Joe Levy, PM in the Automation and Integration team of Cloud and Enterprise about a new technology being offered today in Microsoft Azure called Azure Automation Services.  

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Sample scripts that were used in the demo have been made available by Joe here on the script center.

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