endpoint.tv Screencast - Configuring WCF Service References

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Welcome to the latest video in the weekly WF/WCF Screencast series.

In this short video, CSD MVP Aaron Skonnard from PluralSight guides the viewer through how to configure your WCF service references. Aaron starts off from the previously created WCF service (see the screencast covering the creation of a WCF service) and WCF client (see the screencast covering the creation of a WCF client). Picks up where we left off, Aaron first updates the service reference to refresh the contract from the WCF service, and then demonstrates where the service reference is stored in the object browser and examines the actual code.

Aaron also demonstrates how to configure the service reference, if you want to customize the service reference - allowing you to change the address or access level, setting asynchronous behavior in your WCF client, and what type to use when the service encounters object collections.

For additional information on WCF, please check out the WCF Dev Center on MSDN and the .NET Endpoint team blog. For more information on classes offered by Aaron and the PluralSight folks, check out their catalog of instructor led courses and new online courses that cover a variety of Microsoft technologies, ranging from .NET v3.5 to WSS to BizTalk server.



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The Discussion

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    The screencast doesn't move from the initial splash screen...so, only audio, no video...

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    Very great tutorials for newbies like me! Thanks all of them!
    Well, there are a few programs shown us (service, website, client...)
    Ther would be great if a tutorial would be exists where you could show us how to deploy these to a test system. For example if we want to use the web site under IIS not useing localhost as the address how and exactly what should we reconfigure in endpoints at client side and server side. How to build and deploy them to a test system.
    So if you have time there would be great a "basic" VS tutorial with these examples for newbies like me... :)
    Thanks again these great videos!

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    Thanks Aaron and your team.GREAT!!!!! job...

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    Ashok Kumar

    Really it is a very good videos, you can provide some free books also on WCF.
    Than you sir!

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    A greate tutorial..thanks,

    Sandesh Daddi


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    tan s

    the tutorials are fantastic... :) thank u, i recommend them to all who are new to WCF like me....

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