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Welcome to the latest video in the weekly WF/WCF Screencast series.

In this short video, CSD MVP Matt Milner from PluralSight guides the viewer through how to run a WF workflow in your .NET application and how to manage it. The screencast picks up with an existing state machine workflow (created in last week's screencast), hosting it in a simple command-line program and into a basic ASP.net ASPX page.

To host the workflow, Matt sets up a workflow runtime and creates an instance of the workflow. We then move on from simple 'create and run one workflow instance model', and use a class to abstract the details of the runtime and mediate access to the runtime object (to start/create a new workflow instance, access a currently existing instance, and to stop/shutdown an existing instance). Along the way, Matt explains the basic concepts around workflow runtime events and introduces workflow instances.

For additional information on WF, please check out the WF Dev Center on MSDN and the .NET Endpoint team blog. For more information on classes offered by Aaron and the PluralSight folks, check out their catalog of instructor led courses and new online courses that cover a variety of Microsoft technologies, ranging from .NET v3.5 to WSS to BizTalk server.



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The Discussion

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    Kyle D

    Would it be possible to get the source code?

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    i have a problem with
        static WorkflowMediator()

            runtime= new WorkflowRuntime("ShoppingCart");

    where do you specify "ShoppingCart" ??


    the point is that  i followed the video, step by step, but in the moment that i run the code, dosn't works and fell in 
            runtime= new WorkflowRuntime("ShoppingCart");

    and this is the error

    please help me

    La sección de configuración "ShoppingCart" no se encuentra en el archivo de configuración.
    Nombre del parámetro: configSectionName

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    Did u get the code?


    I m also looking for it.


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    I keep getting a Media Failure error.  I was able to watch the first two screencasts under 

    Endpoint Screencast Series (WF 3.0 - 3.5)

    at the link below, but all others, I get the Media Failure error.



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