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Today I'm happy to announce that Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 is now available.  In this episode, Byron Tardiff the setup program manager from the AppFabric team, will walk us through two ways you can install Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 which works with Visual Studio 2010 RC and .NET Framework 4 RC.

For more on how you can install and test out Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 check out my blog.





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The Discussion

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    Where is Windows Server AppFabric - I don't see it in the Web Platform Installer?


    Wondering where AppFabric is?  Sadly it doesn't appear by default in the Web Platform Installer but if you want to see how to make it show up like it did in the video check out this post on my blog

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    Sean Mackey

    Very nice to see a video on setup. It was also nice to see and talk about more than one setup path, but both paths setup AppFabric on a single workstation (using local users and local sqlexpress). It would have been even better to see a walkthrough for setting up a domain cluster instead of just talking about how that changes the decision making process.


    The setup experience would be even better if the first step was to choose all-inclusive single machine install or distributed install. The following step could present a form for inputting the groups and identities for the admin, observer, and user based on AppFabric sercurity model. Of course those should default to suggested best-practice mentioned in the video (we prefix users and groups with AU_ and AD_ respectively @ my work) AU_AppFabricAdmin, AU_AppFabricObserver, AU_AppFabricUser which are members of groups AG_AppFabricAdmins, AG_AppFabricObservers, and AG_AppFabricUsers respectively.


    I know the setup document walks you through a distributed install, but it is a much more confident and clear experience when I can parallel a webcast for install  (plus infrastructure guys here are so swamped they either don't or won't make the time to learn these new technologies so Software Engineers like me have to be experts before we can make a push for the integration of new technologies that can be leveraged for development).



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    Great idea - maybe I can get the team to help me create another video on the distributed setup

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    Great video and thanks for sharing!

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