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Greg Leake is the man!  He is the driving force behind the .NET Stock Trader sample application.  If you want to understand how to build high performance apps with WCF you need to check it out.  In this episode I catch up with Greg and discuss all the details.





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The Discussion

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    Great video, thanks for quick info about SQL bottlenecks Wink.

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    really cool video, thanks for all those tips..was an eye opener about performance tuning samples and help available.

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    How come no live link to a working sample?

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    It's there in the description.  Just go to https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/bb499684.aspx


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    Maybe I am being dense.  It is there to download.  But I want a link to click on and see it run on the web without having to install the whole thing and set it up.  BTW - thanks for the video.

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    What would be great to know is what the difference in performance is, after you've wrung all the performance out of the database,  between 'DataReader' and 'DataAdapter' and then new current ways of doing things with LINQ and ADO Entities and LINQ to SQL.


    I have been telling everyone that the cost is not that great (in performance), certainly not as great as the cost in development when considering you still have to manually do all of the mapping of your objects to your record sets objects and how well the developer will do at that, but it would be great if I could quantify it by quoting a study.

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