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Last week we saw the release of Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 and came up with some interesting issues related to setting it up. We posted a great endpoint.tv episode, in which I talked through the setup experiences with Byron Tardif, and to follow up I added some blog posts.

In this episode of endpoint.tv we look at

  1. How to install AppFabric with the Web Platform Installer
  2. How to uninstall AppFabric
  3. How to reference the AppFabric Cache client libraries from Visual Studio 2010





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The Discussion

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    Great follow up! Nice to see someone demystify the "plumbing" for a change. However, now that you've done such a great job on this, you must realize we're going to expect you to keep uncovering other team's omissions.

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    Wow, please tell me the final release will be a bit more discoverable!!


    Excellent presentation BTW. Just wish I didn't have to download the WMV to listen to you in 2x play speed.

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    awesome i was looking for this, I always have problems when going to install AppFabric with the Web Platform Installer . , . but not anymore thanks for the information provided

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