endpoint.tv Screencast - Lab: Introduction to Workflow in .NET 4

Play endpoint.tv Screencast - Lab: Introduction to Workflow in .NET 4

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    Thanks Ron - Great lab.

    I think it is really helpful to have a video that talks me through. It wouldn't be as fun to use the manual alone.

    Not all code snipits install - I had to use the manual to get them. The manual doesnt mention the bug to do with the HelloWorkflow.Activities not showing the toolbar ( Delete the Solution Items folder to make it work ). Luckily your video does.  Some VS hotkeys dont match the video ( getting the tests going )

    Wish List - Something that told me the times in the video of each of the excercises.
    In Excercise 9 I ran into trouble with the compile being unable to find the PrePostSequenceDesigner initializeComponent code.
    Even if I deleted the item and re created it the problem re appeared. I wound up fixing it by deleting the whole HelloWorkflow.Activities.Designers project and restarting exercise 9 - it must be something I did wrong - but I have no idea what. Has anyone else had this experience.


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    Excellent Screencast.  I used WF in 2008 / 3.5 to back WCF services and ended up with a rather ugly learning curve to get some of the bits talking and working correctly.  I would have loved to have had a screencast like this one then...


    Really excited about the updates to WF in .Net 4 as well... looks like the tool is maturing nicely and is going to be a very powerful addition to the developers toolkit.  This is especially true when working with complex business processes that need some level of human interaction.  The thought that business process design and updates can be communicated in a domain specific manner and even possibly delegated away from the development teams to the actual subject matter specialists is, quite simply, awesome!


    Keep up the great work,



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    I like the format of the presentation, saves the time to do it yourself!

    Maybe you should consider presenting all the Training Kit learning labs (even non WF labs) in this format.

    It really would be of great help.

    Thanks Ron.

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