endpoint.tv Screencast - Using the WCF Receive Activity in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

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    Why aren't these webcasts being sindicated like the episodes?
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    By 'syndicated like the episodes' - I assume you mean why don't they have the video attached to the RSS feed. That primarily comes down to the way Channel9 treats videos classified as 'screencasts'. When we select 'screencast' as the video type, it sets it up so that when you click on the 'video' on the left, it opens it up in your video player of choice as opposed to opening it up embeded in the webpage. Some of the early feedback we received was that folks didn't realize you could click on 'Downloads' and select WMV from there, and were frustrated with having to read code in the embedded player. So we kept them with a 'screencast' classifications.

    The downsides are: no embeddable player by default (which would be great for blogging) and the video links aren't attached to the feeds. I believe the accepted assumption is that most people use screencasts when needed, as opposed to subscribing to them like a typical 'show'.

    That being said, I'll follow up with the Channel9 folks to get a more complete answer. Would there be a preference for video feeds for the screencast videos (and having them show up in the same format/player as the podcasts) over the current posting format?

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