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In this episode I'll walk you through the WCF Complex Typex AJAX Service Sample.  This sample demonstrates how you can add an AJAX-enabled WCF Service to your web application and call it from Javascript in the browser without doing a full post-back.

Ron Jacobs


Ajax, WCF



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The Discussion

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    Will this work on cross-domain calls?

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    Hi Ron,
    All of this lovely .net 4 functionality looks great do you know if you will be helping 3rd parties to adapt with the changes. 
    The main one I have in mind is Sharp Arch (http://goo.gl/ktbSN) They use the old 3.5 ServiceHostFactory to get their nHibernate goodness running. With M$ helping out jQuery to advance that open source I wasn't sure if the WCF team would be extending help with other integrations. 

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