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Recently I sat down in the studio to have a look at a very cool product built on top of WCF.  Our friends from Neudesic have built a really cool ESB implementation called Neuron ESB. 





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The Discussion

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    I looked into using Neuron for a project I working on about a year ago and would have loved to use it, but our product is a shrink wrapped and needed to scale from small to large installs, but there wasn't really any flexability in the neuron pricing, would love to know if this has changed.

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    Not a problem, we offer OEM licensing to many customers.  Not sure who you spoke with at the time, but feel free to contact us at NeuronInfo@neudesic.com and we can discuss pricing further.  If you reference this endpoint.tv show, I'll know what's up.  Thanks,

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    NServiceBus could be a good alternative for you - reference 3 DLLs and you're done.



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    We're actually using that, or actually SimpleServiceBus as back then NServiceBus had far to many DLL's.  We've look at NServiceBus, MassTransit, WSO2 and several others. 


    Our biggest issue is that we need central auditing support, which tends to a more hub & spoke design than nsb seems to offer. We also have geo-located nodes and hub to hub trunking is also an important feature.  Haven't looked at 2.0 yet, are last eval was done against 1.9.

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    1.9 actually had too few DLL's and resulted in all sorts of versioning conflicts when used together with other OSS libraries. It was 1.8 that had the overly-high DLL granularity. It's our hope that 2.0 finds just the right balanace.


    You don't need to give up all the benefits of the fully distributed deployments that NServiceBus supports to achieve "central auditing support". You have the ability to direct all audit messages to a central location with 1.9 as well as 2.0 by setting the ForwardReceivedMessagesTo attribute of UnicastBusConfig.


    Hope that addresses your issues.

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