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    M, mgrammer and quadrant seems pretty cool but what really worres me is the repository.. in all presentations ive seen its been described as a 'database' and even a sql server database.

    imo focing me to use sql server in every app i build severly limits what i'll be able to do with oslo.. i dont want to have to set up a whole sql data base to do my apps....
     and what if i use another database?

    i think ive heard people talk about the diffrent options and i dont think the folks at CSD and certinly not the mighty dev div, are silly enough to limit oslo to only use sql server (or another sql database)

    i think that needs to be talked about alot more Smiley
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    In all honesty, I really tried watching this, but I couldn't. Frankly, she is way too hot! so I had to get the audio version ( http://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/d1/ch9/4/6/6/1/4/4/20081119EndpointMLB_ch9.wma )
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    another thing abotu tools vs code,

    i think that alot of people dont want to build a dependecy to a too. what if the next version isnt compatible? what if the pricing changes? what if i need to do something that the designer dont support?

    text is universal, you can always write text and there are alot of tools to do that
    i would never lock in my app in, say a prop. binary format, i need to be able to look at it without worrying about licenceing and time..

    thats why people prefer code over tools.. 

    now, if there are both code and tools, that really the optimal solution Smiley but if there is only the tool, it wont get adopted

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