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The Discussion

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    great fix to microsoft decision not to include State Machine within .net 4.0,

    but please answer most important question: the DATE when you expect release or just information when will be next version, a little higher than beta, i don't want to wait till .net 4.5 Wink 


    from my perspective and perspective of my customers it is important to plan if they can at all think about migration to .net 4.0 as part of their existing solution will not be supported

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    As Guang said in the video we plan on including State Machine in .NET 4.5.  I expect that there will be other releases of State Machine before .NET 4.5 but no timeframe yet.

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    Steve Scott

    How does this work with Persistance?

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    good job guys. WF turns to be more productive.

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    Persistence works with State Machine just like it does with FlowChart or Sequence. 

    The Workflow will persist when

    1. You explicitly use a Persist activity
    2. You commit a transaction
    3. An workflow goes idle because an actvity has set a bookmark and no other activity is scheduled and persiste when idle is enabled


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