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Microsoft CRM is a customer relationship management product. As with the application of most products discussed in this space, everybody wants to do things differently and so customization is required. Giving people source code for customization, however, is typically a very bad idea. 

In this episode, Steve Kaplan, Gonzalo Ruiz, and Nirav Shah from the Microsoft CRM team join me to discuss how they are moving from .NET 3.5 Workflow to .NET 4 workflow, the lessons learned from this transition, and the great results they have so far.



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The Discussion

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    Tune Up

    Interesting – are they seeing improved data from this upgrade or improving ways their customers using .NET 4 can gain greater insight into their own customer relationships?

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    Well their release based on WF4 has not shipped yet so it is too early to say.  For them the requirement to support developers who are modifying the underlying workflows was important and so moving to WF4 made this easier.

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    Interesting video, CRM 5.0 and WK4 looks powerful.


    Thanks for sharing.






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