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You asked for it...here it is. In this episode, Byron Tardif is back to explain how you can setup Windows Server AppFabric in a server farm environment.

For more information, see the Windows Server AppFabric Developer Center on MSDN.





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The Discussion

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    Great video - as always!


    I've been following the CTPs and am looking forward to pushing esp. the caching part of App Fabric to our architecture this summer when the RTM is released. It's been a pleasure to work with the team on the API and meeting up with MK et all at PDC last year was also a really positive experience.


    Looking forward to more videos and talks on AppFabric.

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    At first client, you have initialized both Persistence and Monitoring to myMonitoringDB Smiley

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    Nice catch... Wink

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    Web platform installer doesnt work in Windows 7 N !!

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    Sure it does - I use it on Windows 7 all the time...

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    Is this it? Is this all there is to make your WF services run in a scaled out webfarm? With the race conditions on services and such that AppFabric resolved for you?

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    Good observation - there is a race condition on the server farm.  We didn't discuss how it is dealt with in this episode but there is a solution provided.  When the workflow is loaded, it is locked by the server that is servicing the request.  If another server tries to load it during that time it will fail to obtain the lock.  It will buffer the message for a short time and retry periodically trying to obtain the lock.   If it can't get the lock, eventually it will return an error to the calling application.

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