Cloud Gal: Maoni Stephens (Ep. 2)

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In the second episode of Cloud Gal, we talk to Maoni Stephens, main Garbage Collector (GC) developer of .NET. Maoni explains her work on the  Garbage Collector, an automatic memory manager, and provides a high-level overview of this process. She continues with how her journey led her to become one of the most knowledgeable developers of GC, including her trajectory at Microsoft, and her experience with a prominent mentor. She also shares the story of her childhood passion for science and technology, her thoughts on cats and the internet, how she has used dance to balance her work life, and provides some of her thoughts on women in technology fields. 

[00:00] Episode 2 Introduction

[00:35] Maoni Stephens introduction

[01:11] High-level overview of Garbage Collector

[07:21] How Maoni came to CLR

[09:52] Garbage Collection challenges

[11:21] Development process and history of GC in CLR

[15:21] Dancing

[17:07] Cats

[18:55] Childhood trajectory to science track

[23:21] Expressions of creativity: drawing and anime

[24:30] Hobbies: reading GC papers and going to zoos

[26:50] Inspirations and role models

[27:47] Thoughts on women in tech

[33:55] Closing and Maoni's blog address









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