Cloud Gal: Oana Platon (Ep. 1)

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In the pilot episode of Cloud Gal, we talk to Oana Platon, Principal Developer in Azure Service Fabric. Oana shares her technical history, her technical passions, role models, work/life balance and self care practices, inspirations, support, and provides an overview of Azure Service Fabric.

[00:00] Introduction to Cloud Gal Series
[00:50] Oana Plato Introduction
[01:57] Overview of distributed systems platforms and Azure Service Fabric
[08:40] History of the Service Fabric team
[10:00] Service Fabric DevOps practices (agile, livesite, experience, challenges, health reports, internal customers, cluster management)
[17:20] Future of Service Fabric; problem that Service Fabric solves; Azure Container Services
[18:50] General experience as a female developer on the team
[20:17] Challenges
[22:50] Support for Women in Azure
[24:15] Oana's path to becoming a developer
[31:17] Oana's first job at Microsoft
[32:10] Words of Wisdom for women interested in computer science
[32:45] Family and priority setting
[36:55] Team support
[39:15] Sources of inspiration



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