Cloud Gal: Steph Burg (Ep. 3)

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In the third episode of Cloud Gal, I talk to Steph Burg, aspiring CVP and developer in Office, who recently switched roles from developer to engineering manager. In this episode, we discuss her path to software development, how she landed at Microsoft, her work/life balance, advice for other women pursuing technical careers, and sage wisdom on investing vs. harvesting during one's career. We discuss the work she did in Office, specifically on Publisher, as well as her accessibility work on Microsoft Word. Bonus: she was in a civil war reenactment band growing up!

[00:00] Episode 3 Introduction

[00:35] Steph Burg introduction

[01:35] Setting the bar for women in tech

[03:00] Roles in Microsoft Office

[06:27] How transitioned into roles at Microsoft

[07:55] Transition to management

[11:40] Development best practices

[15:27] Before Microsoft

[18:10] Do girls need encouragement to enter technical fields?

[22:40] Early life

[26:03] Becoming her own role model

[31:00] Experience as a woman at Microsoft

[33:17] Passions and motivations at work

[34:30] Work/life balance

[37:30] Self care

[40:45] Invest/Harvest

[45:30] Advice for women in tech

[49:01] Closing





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