Abolade Gbadegesin: Live Mesh Architecture

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Live Mesh integrates a smart client with a services cloud to make your files, devices and social mesh available wherever you are.  Developing it required solving two of the hardest problems around – building scalable and cost-efficient services, and developing a robust synch model with a local client API.  We sat down with architect Abolade Gbadegesin to hear what approach he took to designing Live Mesh.

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For more information, go to Mesh.com.

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- Watch the interview with Ray Ozzie introducing Live Mesh
- Watch the demo of the Live Mesh application on Channel 10 


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The Discussion

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    This is awesome and I can't wait to start using this service.  I hope I can get into the tech preview.

    One question:  When you sync your files can you do this without the items being stored on the internet?
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    Sounds like an interesting service. Glad that you did this interview Charles. Smiley
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    Used to be, a computer on every desk top. Now, Every computer in a cloud. right?
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    cynthia399 wrote:
    One question:  When you sync your files can you do this without the items being stored on the internet?

    I believe so. It was mentioned in the Channel 10 "hands on" video.
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    Yes, You can sync your file between two machines (p2p) without being stored them on cloud.
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    jigarmehtamscit wrote:
    Yes, You can sync your file between two machines (p2p) without being stored them on cloud.

    How about a different way.  Can an INET "client" access the cloud files without having the client sw installed on their pc?
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    Yes, you can access files via a webpage/browser, there are also RESTful APIs for accessing data.

    And yes, you can also sync p2p without data being in the cloud. For now, however, Live Mesh doesn't have a way in the UX to specify that a file shouldn't be copied to the cloud. So in the current release, all files will be copied to the cloud until you run out of quota. At that point, files will sync p2p but not through the cloud.


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    Where are Windows Live connected experiences in Windows Live Mesh?

    Given functional paradigm to picturesque data synchronization business appears to stack another layer for data replication manager through Windows Live connection. For connected Live user experiences in difference capacity of computing devices, such data centric consumption may be worth where Windows Live version of data replication manager takes care of. That functions make certain of another developing live business scene of intelligent data transfer services which Windows Server has proposed by expanding typical use of HTTP download applications, and most of educated users may feel like to find what's different from synchronization interfaces of today's mobility has.

    How could you enable Windows connected data consumption atop services blocks of Windows Live, but offline? Device solutions have supplied rich data synchronization functions around carrier business drivers. Generally consuming Web Services means to make forward or rollback transactions on workflows on network identified resources. 2008/Q2 industry has invested leading telecommunication companies to adopt such SOA enabling solution, and it should ease of data consumption on Internet.

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    This really simplifies data replication and remote access I hope they do the same for TS web access with silver light http://narenda.mvps.org/coolts/ and soft grid  Big Smile

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