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It's always great to spend some time geeking out with Bart De Smet. As usual, he has a lot of technical details to share and only so much whiteboard real estate. Bart is still deeply engaged with Rx (evolving it, putting it to new uses, making it even more general and capable). How so, you ask?

Well, ask Cortana. She will tell you that, in fact, Rx is one those wonderful things that make her so asynchronously capable and reliable at managing your calendar and the growing list of other personal things that you have her do for you. (I haven't actually asked Cortana this, so this is an exercise for the reader...)

Bart, how exactly is Rx used in Cortana?

Remember our old friend IQbservable?

Look, a whiteboard! (But, of course, we have catching up to do beforehand. Be patient.)

Tune in. Enjoy.



The Discussion

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    Thanks.  Always love a good Bart talk!

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    Lovely talk! thanks a lot.

    One remark though, i really think you need a better camera and mic. No (or little) noise cancellation made it really hard to focus during the beginning conversation.
    I've been watching these interviews for years and i can't really see a great improvement in audio/video.

    But other than that, lovely talk. Always love your interviews Charles! i really appricaite it. keep it up!! :D

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    @CodeNameUnknown1: Thanks. Indeed, I've used the same point-and-shoot camera for most of my time on C9 (so, 10+years). I didn't think it was that bad, but if/when I do another one of these, I'll borrow some pro gear from Golnaz. Or, maybe she will film it and you'll get better angles, panning and, well, professional quality all around. :)


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    David Hanson

    I love these deep dives. Barts knowledge in this area is simply incredible. The ability to run subscriptions from the client all the way into the cloud with resilience, debugging, logging, persistence is uber cool. <br><br>Keep up the good work man its appreciated.

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    @David Hanson: Agreed. Bart is a superhuman developer.


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    Brilliant video....

    I would of loved a couple of more minutes of Bart explaining how his use of Rx overcame client-cloud latency , giving us some insight into this topic..

    Also would love to here his thoughts on applying Rx to something as latency sensitive as Graphics Computation in the cloud and composing the results on the client ...

    I love Rx and would love for Bart to tell us how far he believes Rx could go :)


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    I can never just watch Bart De Smet interviews just once. I have to watch them more than once for everything to sink in. Fascinating work, exploring concepts.

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    ... now ReActive can be called Proactive Extensions, truly!!

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    Looks just like Streaminsight, only more complicated (a)

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    Absolutely fantastic just brilliant can see so many applications for this approach. When can we find more information and/or CTP so we can play with these cool additions :) well-done all involved.

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    hey Bart, I'd love to know what strategy you're using for reusing and combining expression trees.

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    More Bart De Smet please, Rx is very cool. Interested to hear more about how it's being used with Cortana

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    Bart is totally exceptional. Great presentation.

    I'm new to Rx but I wonder if it will not happen the same as COM... It will eventually die due to its complexity...


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