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I was able to attend C++ and Beyond 2011 and it was a tremendous experience. I captured some great footage from the event for C9, like this end-of-last-day panel - Ask Us Anything - with Scott, Andrei and Herb. Great questions and excellent answers. This is the third and final panel from C&B 2011 to air on C9. The other two panels: C++11 and Concurrency and Parallelism - are very well worth your time if you haven't had a chance to watch/listen to them yet.

Thanks Andrei Alexandrescu, Scott Meyers and Herb Sutter for putting on such a great event for C++ developers and for allowing Channel 9 to broadcast some of it. I am so thrilled to learn that C++ and Beyond 2012 will take place August 5-8, 2012! I encourage you to attend (I know I'll be there!). It will be well worth your (and your company's) time. The way I think about C&B is: Mind-bending C++ content that's also practical, presented by industry experts who are very engaging, passionate about C++ and very approachable. The folks in attendance are stellar native developers from around the world, employing C++ in a variety of contexts.

Make sure to check out all the C&B 2011 content we're lucky enough to have on C9 Smiley

Enjoy! Learn! Go native!

Table of Contents (click on the time links to jump directly to the question/topic referenced):

[00:10] On strings, UTF-8 vs UTF-16, etc...
[03:08] How does the ISO C++ standards committee work?
[04:34] On shared_ptr performance and correctness
[11:30] What C++ work do you guys do outside of your real jobs?
[14:51] Implementations of atomic...
[17:07] Memory consistency model...
[22:13] Favorite C++11 features...
[24:23] What's next for the standard's committee?
[25:55] How to convince your company it's OK to use templates now (C++11)...
[28:30] Favorite feature that's not in the C++11 standard...
[30:44] What's the deal with systematic and principled thread termination and program termination?
[36:22] Concepts...
[36:55] What's going on with constexpr?
[41:51] When will we see Effective/Exceptional C++ books for C++11?



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The Discussion

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    About 34min in, Herb mentions that Windows has asynchronous file opening/closing, demanded by the Office team. What are the functions? I've been wanting this for a very long time!

    I know WinRT has async opening, but I assumed it was merely using a thread pool in the background.

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    maybe http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365468(v=vs.85).aspx answers some of your questions...

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    What about C++ everywhere, including Windows Phone?
    People are asking for it here: http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-app-platform/suggestions/1755203-native-sdk

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    @Andi: Reading and writing from a file asynchronously has been possible for some time.  It's opening/closing that I'm curious about. It's not normally an issue, but when you open a file over a network or from a CD there can be serious latency -- so true async opening/closing has always been a dream of mine. I was quite surprised when Herb mentioned it already being there, so I hope he didn't misspeak!

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    @PhrostByte, @ Andi: Maybe the wanted link is: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365683(v=VS.85).aspx [excerpt: "A process opens a file for asynchronous I/O in its call to CreateFile by specifying the FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED flag in the dwFlagsAndAttributes parameter."] (?)

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    Nevermind, I think PhrostB want the time between the seek of the file and the return of the handler be async.

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    UTF-16 is a good Unicode encoding for text processing; UTF-8 is good for external storage and interchange.

    I like using UTF-16 inside app boundaries (considering that Windows API's use UTF-16), UTF-8 outside app boundaries, and convert between the two encodings at the boundary.

    See also this: http://unicode.org/notes/tn12/

    Note that also Java and C# (.NET) use UTF-16 as Unicode encoding for their string classes.

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