C&B 2011 Panel: Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu and Scott Meyers - Concurrency and Parallelism

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I was able to attend C++ and Beyond 2011 and it was a tremendous experience. The technical depth and C++ goodness was profound and lasted for 3 whole days (and two evenings). Thanks Andrei Alexandrescu, Scott Meyers and Herb Sutter for allowing me to crash your affair with my camera - which was perhaps too big and too advanced for the likes of me - still, I was abe to capture some great content like this interactive panel on Concurrency and Parallelism with Scott, Andrei and Herb. Great questions from attendees. Note that this is the second in a series of three panels from C++ and Beyond 2011 that will appear on C9 over the coming months.

Make sure to check out all the C&B 2011 content we're lucky enough to have stored on C9 Smiley

Enjoy! Learn!

Table of contents (click on the time code link to move the player to that point in time...):

[00:00] Using multiple cores for useful work...
[01:56] Does C++AMP build on PPL?
[02:48] What about operating system scheduling for GPU operations?
[03:49] Transition from platform-specific memory models to a standard(ized) C++ memory model (C++11's MM, to be specific...).
[06:41] Is there a performance penalty associated with a standard C++ memory model?
[09:18] What about functional languages/techniques (with respect to parallel and concurrent programming)?
[15:44] Which performance pitfalls we may pitfall into?
[16:13] What about the work on ranges and wouldn't they help parallelism?
[20:34] Fortran arrays have things like slices and strides. What about C++AMP?
[22:42] Parallel debugging...
[23:30] How baked is C++AMP?
[25:26] On SIMD and MIMD...
[34:20] Computation-following-data versus data-following-computation...



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