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    Awesome video Charles. I've said it before, it's the combination of MS dev tools and Channel 9 that keeps me such a rabidly enthusiastic Windows developer. Roll on GD#200!
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    As usual... great post !

    Thank you so much with your great work...  Learned a lot from your previous videos Charles, hopefully there will be many many more to come !

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    Thanks all! I appreciate the kind words.

    You can bet that I will be making more Going Deeps this year! Inside C#, Windows 7 and much more. Stay tuned.

    Keep on watching,


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    John Melville-- MD
    Congratulations, Charles, on your 100th going deep.

    I vividly remember the first (filter manager with Mr. Christensen) and the little snippet that "we are going to do more of these."  Going deep has rapidly become my favorite show on Channel 9.  Even if I am less than interested in the instant topic, it is fun to hear smart, passonate people talk about their technology.

    Congrats on your 100th show.  Can't wait to hear you say "lets talk about it" again.
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    Maddus Mattus
    Love the shirt Erik Wink
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    awsome stuff, erik is always alot of fun Smiley congrats on the 100th episode Big Smile

    bart is awsome too , that linq-to-simpsons stuff is some dark magic man.. Wink
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    the c9 halloween lanters are awsome btw Wink
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    "It's a different camel!" Erik Meijer

    I love that man!

    And you too Charles!

    What a great interview. I'd love to see more of Powershell by the way!
    Maybe Jeffery Snover could do a few more videos? (hint-e-di-hint-hint)
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    The comparison of lazy evaluation to washing dishes just rocks! Big Smile

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    Thank you. Very interesting and opened my eyes to other things. Inspired, I created a kind of Grep class for linq.!F4A38E96E598161E!1314.entry


    Console.WriteLine("\nGet number of files and total size under a dir.");
    long totSize = 0;
    long totFiles = 0;
    var q = (from f in new LFileInfo(@"c:\temp").Children(true)
             let x = totSize += f.Length
             let y = totFiles++
             select f);
    Console.WriteLine("Total Size:{0:N} Total Files: {1}", totSize, totFiles);

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    Hi Bart.  Could you post a sample of use powershell and Entity framework.  The ctor() fails like it can't load the connection string when trying EF.  Made curr dir the bin\debug, and it still fails to new.   Linq2s works fine.  Thank you.
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    Hi staceyw,

    In theory any IQueryable provider should be addressable with LINQ through PowerShell. I haven't tested with the entity framework specifically though. It might be a totally unrelated problem like missing a configuration file that contains the connection string or so. Feel free to send me mail on "bartde at microsoft dot com" with a small project illustrating the failure condition, so I can step through it to see what's going on.

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    Maddus Mattus

    To get started with your own LINQ Provider;

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    Cool, i just watched the video today..
    Bart de Smet blog is really awesome too..
    Erik , u r Great...
    But the man who makes this awesome sessions possible is Charles..,
    So THUMBS UP to Charles !!!!!! Keep on doing ..

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