Melur Raghuraman: Inside Windows 7 - Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

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Windows Development Manager Melur Raghuraman and team have taken troubleshooting and diagnostics to a whole new level in Windows 7. For one thing, Windows 7 uses managed code "natively" as PowerShell has become the de facto language used for creating diagnostic algorithms that live inside of diagnostic packages. So, when something goes wrong eventually a PowerShell script runs and diagnosis happens.

You've probably already noticed the information flag that appears in your task bar notification area when Windows wants to tell you something important. Well, in order for Windows 7 to inform you of a problem and its solution it must first diagnose the issue and collect troubleshooting steps. Sometimes, and more so than ever before, Windows will simply fix the problem and let you know about it - this is a trend that will only become more common over time and with each iteration of Windows going forward. This troubleshooting fabric has both client and server (cloud) components.

How does this all work, exactly? What's the story?

Tune in. Lots to learn here. The new troubleshooting and diagnostics capabilities in Windows 7 marks a signficant step forward in the evolution of Windows supportability. Of course, you, the human user, can write your own diagnostic scripts - so you'll be more efficient  when you need to diganosis and then fix some computer problem.



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