Parallel Computing in Native Code: New Trends and Old Friends

Play Parallel Computing in Native Code: New Trends and Old Friends

The Discussion

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    Brilliant interview. Particularly the history of the Visual C++ 2010 concurrency feature set and the deep thinking and u-turns taken in creating it. Only on Channel 9 could we have such a frank interview about the history and early 'mistakes' made in the creation of as yet unreleased technology. I really appreciate the transparency of such conversations. Oh, and loved Charles joke about adding another double-underscore keyword Wink
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    Glad you liked the conversation! I know I did. It's a treat to get to interact with so many smart and passionate people, digging into the lesser known aspects of what goes on inside the Happy Death Star. I love this job. Much more to come from Parallel Computing, C++ and other great teams in '09!

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