STL: Some Underlying Algorithms, Data Structures, and More with Stephan T. Lavavej

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With the recent release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4/Silverlight 4 (Managed 4), I figured it was time to learn a thing or two about some new native functionality, specifically in the STL (Standard Template Library) that ships with VS 2010.

Who better to dig into some STL internals than the great Stephan T. Lavavej? Stephan spends most of his time maintaining the STL (along with the core producers of the library, who last I heard work from a remote location in Hawaii...). Stephan is no stranger to those of us who spend time in the native programming world (and use C++, specifically, to compose), and you've already met Stephan a few times on C9.

As always, this conversation just happened. Stephan and I didn't draft up some highly structured and scripted plan. Spontaneity is always our goal, and we met that goal here! So, if you are interested in STL internals and C++ in general, then this is for you.

Thank you, Stephan, for another great lesson.




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