Stephen Toub: Task-Based Asynchrony with Async

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    Kang Su

    Wow, nice job Stephen (and team)! I'm going to play with this some, but it looks like I can start writing some of our UI in a more readable manner, rather than some of the craziness I'm doing now to keep a responsive UI. 

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    Very informative interview! I watched the other video's on async as well, but this was the best. What came somewhat as a surprise was the introduction of DataFlows, which in the interview appeared as a coincedence because of the CCR talks. So I wonder if we can have an interview on an overview of what this CTP brings us. I mean, we have learned about the basics, and now about DataFlows, but are there any more goodies?

    By the way, as a reassurance: I watched the video to the very end.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Rodney McKay

    @Charles: Watched it till the end and loved every single minute Wink
    Thank you Stephan, Thank you Charles. 

    Unfortunately we have to wait until Visual Studio 2012 right? Of course i can play with the CTP but it would be nice to have it ready for production code right away Smiley

    Another questions: if i use the async/await keywords on the UI-thread it is guaranteed that the code continues on the UI-thread. If i use it on any other thread, does it continue on a thread pool thread? It can't be the same thread that started the operation right?

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    Hi Rodney-

    Regarding which thread things run on, awaiting a task attempts to resume execution in the same threading environment where the operation was suspended.  If there was a current SynchronizationContext when the await began, then execution will resume on that context (by Post'ing to it); otherwise, execution will begin on whatever TaskScheduler was current at the await.  This means that if you await on a UI thread, execution will continue on the UI thread.  If you await on a threadpool thread, you'll resume on a thread pool thread, though not necessarily the same thread that began the await.

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    Rodney McKay

    Thank you Stephen, great work!

    Last week i worked with HttpWebRequest and it looks like this:

    this.webRequest.BeginGetRequestStream(this.OnGetRequestStream, null);
    private void OnGetRequestStream(IAsyncResult ar)
       this.webRequest.BeginGetResponse(this.OnGetResponse, null);
    private void OnGetResponse(IAsyncResult ar)

    Looking forward to async/await Wink

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    Nice video. The stuff about ActionBlock and dataflow programming reminded me of coroutines in Python. Smiley

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    What about tail recursion in C#5.0? I think tail recursion and async will fit each other very well. Don't they?

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    Thanks, Stephen. Great introduction video! That would be good to have some testing project with samples to play with.

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    @koistya: You can download the Async CTP here it contain many samples.

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    Really cool, I liked the way he demonstrated.

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    Super interesting, even 7.5 years after the interview.

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