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    Dr. Shim
    Oh my. What a wonderful face! The emoticon in the post is HUGE, and the text is to tiny to read. Smiley Going to watch the video anyway.
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    That was really weird... here's what it looked like:

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    And here's the offending code:
    div.postbody img

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    I'd agree that the OM receives very little attention(wrongfully so). But the "LPC facility" receives barely any. Microsoft barely acknowledges its existence. Please have a video on that....I'd really like to hear something about it other than "It's there"

    PS- really good job on the videos so far. they are really enjoyable.

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    Yeah, a video about the various IPC mechanisms available in the kernel (I know about two: LPC and Lightweigth LPC(or is it Fast LPC?)) would be interesting. And isn't there some new IPC coming in Longhorn, btw? Smiley
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    I have a pretty in-depth overview of the Object Manager on my blog...quite similar to Adrian's video, but a bit more "hard substance" (actual structures are shown)..although not as generic. A good read if you're interested in the Ob. (click on Articles)

    Best regards,
    Alex Ionescu
    Kernel Developer, ReactOS
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    Great explanation.
    I would love to see second episode of the Objcet Manager and to get more explanation about how specific components are relate to the Object Manager. For example the Windows Handles, Process Handles.

    Great show. Cool

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    Isn't there a downloadable (HTTP-hosted) version of the file? I am behind a proxy server which does not allow anything but HTTP(S) and FTP! Sad

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