YOW! 2012: Marko Rodriguez - Graph Systems and Databases

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The Discussion

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    I want to apply graph databases for program representation and querying. Doing semantic analysis  via graph queries. Represent entire software projects, and revisions, in a graph database. Have semantic analysis be graph enrichment. Same datastructure. The graph can also capture lexical aspects like whitespace, tabs and newlines.

    The now defunct Oslo project appeared to go in that direction.

    With MSR Nyad, MSR Trinity, Datomic, Gremlin, Star Dog etc., it appears the world is speeding towards a graph future, we "just" need optimal efficiency along with the optimal flexibility of graphs.

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    This is probably one of the most inspiring talks I've watched on Channel 9 this year. I can definitely relate this to the software we're developing. On a side note, I found Charles' comment on RAM as a service (i.e not necessarily a distributed cache) to be quite interesting.

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    Very informative talk by Dr. Marko Rodriguez and a great interview!  I look forward to the release of Fulgora.

    Also for people who are interested in using Titan with Berkeley DB on the Android platform, I have made an Android port and open sourced it on GitHub:  http://wuman.github.com/titan-android/.

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