Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and Brad Wilson on MVC 2

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It's time for a pile of "Hanselminutes on 9" Episodes, Dear Reader! Recently, I spent a day wandering around building 42 trying to dig up the scoop on Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4.
In this episode, Brad Wilson shows the new Templated Helpers in ASP.NET 2, Areas, and David Ebbo drops in. Scott also does a very bad impression of Dmitry (the boss.)



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The Discussion

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    Areas are super cool. I was once trying to do similar thing with MVC1. I had two MVC projects in the same solution and the main MVC app referenced the DLL from another mvc app, and along with a bit of MEF magic, I was able to display content from second MVC app in the main MVC application.  Couldn't explore further as the took me off bench Perplexed


    I think MVC Areas along with MEF will enable a plugin based web apps where you just drop a DLL and you get all the new menu UI logic working like a magic.


    Very nice feature


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    I'm glad! Sounds like you are our Target Audience.  Big Smile

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