Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and David Fowler on LinqExtender

Play Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and David Fowler on LinqExtender

The Discussion

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    The query extenders also work with the EntityDataSource in .NET 4.0 Smiley

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    Cool feature. Looks like it is borrowed from Silverlight and .NET RIA services. Saw a Mix video by Brad Adams where he did similar thing with DomainDataService.


    These features will really help up get small sites up and running quickly. There are so many of such small wonders in dev10, it is hard to remember and not sure how to digest all of it. New sample code should try to use such features more and more so we get a hang of it.


    Thanks for the nice video

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    Todd A

    Go Fowler!! I like the direction that ASP.NET is headed, looks like I need to return to the dark side Big Smile.

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    I get the feeling this is just one more "cool for demo purposes, but not so cool in reality" feature, just as most of the additions to ASP.NET have been through the years.

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