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Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 with Phil Haack and Virtual Scott

15 minutes, 4 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Scott's in Redmond (or IS he?) and talking to Phil Haack about the release of ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1. Phil give us a tour of some of the new features in this high-tech and inappropriate use of technology. A video of a Phil's screen? Hasn't Scott or Phil heard of a screencast? Still, enjoy. Smiley
You can download ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 if you like, too.


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  • Markomarko999 Solo

    I cannot watch video..it sais: media failure. try reloading the page or visiting main site for assistance

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Sorry, it works here for me.


    Try clicking on the "Formats" drop down. You can download 7 different other video formats directly. 

  • Great video - liked the impromptu style vs. traditional planned screencast! Smiley

  • Tommy CarlierTommyCarlier Widen your gaze

    Instead of Html.DisplayFor(dinner => dinner), couldn't you add a shortcut-method Html.DisplayForMe() or Html.DisplayForModel()? Wouldn't that be more readable?

  • Great video, thanks, this is a lot like MVC XForms by Jon Curtis, glad it made its way in to the release, nice..

  • blad3runn69blad3runn69 it is what it is...

    cool stuff thank ΓΌ

  • Love the interview style, very informative and dynamic... keep up the good work!

  • Great stuff Phil & Scott... about to download and start using in my project Wink

  • Cannot get this video to run either...have tried both IE 7 and Firefox and different formats.  In IE it looks like it is buffering but just spins and get the error message that marko999 got in Firefox.

  • I got it on this refresh

  • Great video Scott, I like this interview style. I'm exicted about V2 being in the box with VS2010.


    I'm impressed with how steady you were able to hold the camera. Here is a tool that might make it easier on you for this type of interview. http://www.amazon.com/Kodak-68-Anywhere-Professional-Monopod/dp/B000REPUZO/ref=pd_cp_p_3 


    My videos have improved in quality quite a bit since I got one  Smiley

  • I'm running IE8 and the only formats that work for me are the audio only ones. Cant get video in any of the formats to work

  • Great stuff !! Smiley


    How does Areas work ? I can't found any resources about this feature ...


    Thanks !

  • jvervoornjvervoorn Caption

    Is that a normal channel9 guy, it looks bigger? But then I wouldn't know how big they are because I've been waiting forever for my 9Guy. I have sent in 2 postcards over the last several years, and still nothing. I have several foam dudes that I have earned by watching webcasts and they are lonely for their fellow superhero 9 guy (The orginal superhero). I don't want to cry but if that is what it takes, please send me one soon.


    Don't want to post email or address so please respond to this post and tell me where to email my address.  Becarefull though I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who wants one.

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    hey scott, next time you should crawl out of the monitor Ring (Ringu) style Wink that should really freak phil out Smiley


  • So, is your guys MVC 1.0 book obsolete now? Smiley Should I hold off purchasing till you guys come out with v2 of the book?

  • This is almost worst then cloverfield. I need to get some motion sickness pills and I'll try to watch it again later.

  • Smiley

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Funny you mentioned that. That was some feedback I gave them JUST yesterday. Great idea.

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Have you tried downloading it from the Format's Tab? Where are you located (in the world?)

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Thanks! I'll pick one up now.

  • Why is that "Inside Visual C++" book being used as a monitor stand?   It's the holey grail of C++ programming!



  • Erik Zetterstenmaxx.erik MAXX

    You two guys are the most entertaining to watch... Funny, quick, smart... Good team!


    Question: In the interview you guys talked about having a resource string in place of the label name. Why was it not available in the situation above and will it be? Example: [DisplayName("Contact Phone", <% reference %>)]


    Anyways, good cast.



  • HaackedHaacked Top of a Mountain in Alaska



    Good question. That was a bit of ignorance on my part. That attribute is  System.ComponnentModel.DisplayNameAttribute which is part of System.dll. It is a pre-existing attribute that we just happen to support and it wasn't designed with the localization features that our newer data annotations are designed with. Unfortunately, with DisplayNameAttribute, the general idea is you have to subclass it to get localization. Yeah, that's annoying.


    There are new attributes coming in ASP.NET 4 so I'll need to figure out what the suggested pattern will be.


    All the validation components do allow setting resource keys such as ErrorMessageResourceType and ErrorMessageResourceKey.

  • Erik Zetterstenmaxx.erik MAXX

    Ahhh.... Well, it's not so annoying - I was curious none the less. Thanks for the answer and explanation ... Still can't wait for asp.net4



  • It would be nice if you could do EditorFor and it output the label, the textbox and the validation tag - I think 90% of the time that's what myslef and others would be doing anyways.  Just a thought.

  • Great vid guys!


    Scott, I reckon it would be even better if you locked your exposure and colour balance so that the camera doesn't keep trying to compensate as you point the camera at the screen and then at Phil with the bright lamp behind Wink



  • As far as I know, manually editing a context's designer.cs file doesn't work.  Any event (such as moving an entity on the context's designer) causes designer.cs to re-generate wiping out your manual edits.


    So, code with dependencies on the attached [DataType(DataType.PhoneNumber)] will break as soon as the context is modified.  I tested this behavior using a LINQ to SQL context.  Is there a way to prevent manual edits from being wiped out?


    Cody Skidmore

  • Dmitry Lyalin (Microsoft)LyalinDotCom Product Manger for Visual Studio

    Hey Phil, you moved Offices since last i visited! Smiley

  • Good stuff!

  • Great! But, Phil, I am wondering have you ever read through the book of Visual C++.. .. how long you put it there under you screen??  Smiley

  • Hi Phil & Scott,

    Nice Presentation. I saw that you created the display name in the machine generated code. what other options do I have if I don't wish to do so. You know I may want to recreate it again for some reason (highly likely)?


    I was thinking partial class but these properties are aready defined though and the compiler is going to complain. let me know what your oppinion is.



  • Felipe Limafelipecsl Me :)

    @cody.skidmore and @Mesfin:


    You can create a partial class for your Model and add a metadata class to it. Then, you replicate your Model's properties in the metadata class and decorate them with your attributes.



    public partial class MyModel


        public class MyModelMetadata


            [DisplayName("My property 1")]


            public object MyModelProp1 {get; set; }



            public object MyModelProp1 {get; set; }



    BTW, thanks for the great screencast. I loved the interview style as well. I was confused between LabelFor and DisplayFor. Very clear now Smiley

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