Hanselminutes on 9 - Agile Coach Jean Tabaka on Safe Failure, the Need for Craftsmanship, and More

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The Discussion

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    Allen Feinberg

    Are the Intel Agile sessions available online with videos?

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    Jean Tabaka

    I don't think talks will be available online. Scott did an awesome keynote on "Efficiency and Effectiveness". If you get a chance to hear it, do so! I gave a talk on "12 Agile Adoption Success Patterns". If you are interested in a PDF, I'd be happy to pass on a link to you.
    Thanks for viewing the video. Scott and Robbie the Robot were great!
    Agile Fellow, Rally Software, jtabaka@rallydev.com

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    What a delightful discussion Scott must say , I've been develpoing since 5 years , and really although im not myopic that much as develpeors are , but truly said scott and Jean , the term AGILE is OVERLOADED, as I've been seeing managers becoming extremely sloppy with this term , I'm amazed how these managers are all alike :D, in my region as well .
    Jean , I'd be happy to read the topic , if possible do share the document .
    Best Regards,

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    great points at minutes:
    4:34 need for agility rules: set a context where people are motivated
    9:30 safe fail emnvironment must be factored in
    14:50 code monkey mentality
    16:30 programmer as trusted advisor
    17:10 focus on value

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