Hanselminutes on 9 - Agile Coach Jean Tabaka on Safe Failure, the Need for Craftsmanship, and More

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Scott's at the Intel Agile Conference today and got the chance to talk to Rally Software's Agile Fellow Jean Tabaka about why your project sometimes needs time to fail and whether we need both internships and a formal track within Software Development.

Jean is a Certified ScrumMaster and Practitioner, a Certified ScrumMasterTrainer, and a Certified Professional Facilitator. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and is the author of Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders, published in the Addison-Wesley Agile Software Development Series. More importantly, she's scary smart, fantastically approachable, and a joy to hang out with.

All this, plus Robby the Robot. Enjoy.

Follow Jean Tabaka on Twitter and learn more about Rally and Jean at http://www.rallydev.com.



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The Discussion

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    Allen Feinberg

    Are the Intel Agile sessions available online with videos?

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    Jean Tabaka

    I don't think talks will be available online. Scott did an awesome keynote on "Efficiency and Effectiveness". If you get a chance to hear it, do so! I gave a talk on "12 Agile Adoption Success Patterns". If you are interested in a PDF, I'd be happy to pass on a link to you.
    Thanks for viewing the video. Scott and Robbie the Robot were great!
    Agile Fellow, Rally Software, jtabaka@rallydev.com

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    What a delightful discussion Scott must say , I've been develpoing since 5 years , and really although im not myopic that much as develpeors are , but truly said scott and Jean , the term AGILE is OVERLOADED, as I've been seeing managers becoming extremely sloppy with this term , I'm amazed how these managers are all alike :D, in my region as well .
    Jean , I'd be happy to read the topic , if possible do share the document .
    Best Regards,

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    great points at minutes:
    4:34 need for agility rules: set a context where people are motivated
    9:30 safe fail emnvironment must be factored in
    14:50 code monkey mentality
    16:30 programmer as trusted advisor
    17:10 focus on value

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