Hanselminutes on 9 - Digging into Entity Framework 4 Code First (Magic Unicorn Edition)

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Scott is in Redmond this week and talks to Jeff Derstadt, the Lead Developer on Entity Framework Code First (or, as Scott says, EF Magic Unicorn). What's the deal with this new feature in Entity Framework? What about the bad rap that EF got back in the day? What's new in EF4 and how does EF Code First sit on that? Which is the right choice, Model First, Database First or Code First? All of this plus demos in this off-the-cuff interview.

(Sorry the first part of the video is dark, it gets lighter halfway through.)



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The Discussion

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    I used this with nhibernate and fluent nhibernate from a long time, I really like it and saved my life in some tricky scenarios.

    Nice to see EF4 is caching up.

    Good work,

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    I love Code First. I'm new to ORM stuff, so I can't compare to nHibernate or others, but Code First was so simple. And the fact that I'm not forced to clutter my POCO's with garbage I don't need is awesome. I love it. Great work, IMO. I'm sure more seasoned devs can find issues with it, but for me it's FANTASTIC.
    BTW - Magic Unicorns should be available for purchase. I'd buy 5!

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    Paul F

    Brilliant stuff, just done a demo of this myself today, hope to get it implemented shortly. The migrations feature would be fantastic though.

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    Jeff, I love the code first stuff.  Been using it since the beginning.  I wonder if you could help out on the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities (Pre-Release) forum.  It is getting a lot of traffic and there aren't enough experts to answer new questions.

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    Thanks! I love EF CF RC WTF Wink

    Seriously, it's soothingly pleasant to work with very few exceptions. In particular data annotations are very cool.

    I don't understand the need for the fluent API so much though based on the example chosen: the example with non-unicode text for example should be able to be handled without fluent API calls. Code is nice, but if a simple data annotation can declaratively direct the data definition, then no need for lambda expressions.

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    Joshua Ramirez

    CTP5 is very nice. I've been using it now for a month on a project and it's working so far. Despite some of its limitations, it's actually just enough for a fairly elegant domain model. I'm very excited to see what's new in the RC!

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    Nice video, thanks guys! BTW, how can we get an EF T-Shirt like the one Jeff has? Smiley

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    We are very much looking for the migration feature!!!

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    @Calin:i dont get it

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    @Calin:i dont get it

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    @Joshua Ramirez: I don't get the explanation of the t-shirt and I like one to :)

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