Hanselminutes on 9 - Guided Tour inside the Windows Azure Cloud with Patrick Yantz

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Scott at PDC09 in Los Angeles this week and got a great opportunity to get a guided tour of a piece of the Windows Azure Cloud from Patrick Yantz, a Cloud Architect with Data Center Services. You may think it's a Cloud Container, but it's not!
Join me on this very technical 15 minute deep dive inside the making of the hardware behind the Windows Azure Cloud.



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The Discussion

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    That is Awesome!

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    I think he just had his lunch before the interview Smiley 

    poor dude

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    Amazing datacenter for Azure !
    Monitoring with Microsoft SCOM ?


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    Well, Sun Microsystems has been on this idea for over 2 years.  It is called project Blackbox. It looks as their design is more elegant, but I am just a developer.





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    Amazing tour.


    Do you have any idea or quotes about what the ROI is on one of the new containers? How long does it take the savings of one of these containers, over a typical container Microsoft is using, to pay back the cost?

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    That's pretty cool. Are these units weather proof? Can one of these be shipped to an existing data center that is at capacity and be used outside?

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    The silverlight player stops at about 1 minute for me, downloading WMV High stops at 38.9MB, WMV at 12.7MB... what is going on with channel9 and PDC videos in the last week?  Can hardly download a full video now.

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    Saint Gimp

    @ivan_: Sun's solution is a "traditional" container that requires an external water chiller and a 45 to 65 GPM water hookup.  The whole point of this new system is that it doesn't require that kind of infrastructure.

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    I have problems downloading this AVI. The downloading stops after a few minutes (using IE). Using the Silverlight player doesn't help. I have no problems downloading AVI's from other sites (.NET Rocks, IT Conversations etc.) I live in Australia.


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    Very interesting stuff, but I could not understand most of what he said. Any chance of captioning this video?


    Also he seemed to be referencing some other video. Can someone link it?

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    I'm in australia too, seems like they have problems with their CDN.  I can also download fine from other sites, like the engadget show with no problems.  So definately seems like a MS specific problem.  I have to download the PDC and channel 9 videos to a server I have in the US, and then download it from there to get it to work.

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    @ivan: perhaps you should re-listen to the first 45 seconds of this vid.

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    really cool!

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