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Hanselminutes on 9 - Inside Secret Microsoft Meeting Rooms - What Laptop do Alpha Geeks Use?

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I'm up in Redmond visiting for a few days this week and I'm in a super-secret meeting in an undisclosed location (Well, actually it's Studio C in the 3408 conference room, but still, what can you do with that?) and during a break I noticed how everyone had a different laptop. Here's 6 short minutes on who's running what. You might recognize a few familiar faces.



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    The Discussion

    • CRPietschma​nn

      Nice, and mildly amusing. That's quite the variety of laptops.

      If we only knew what files Phil accidentally deleted when he cleared his recycle bin. Perhaps some new awesomeness for ASP.NET MVC is now lost forever.  Smiley

      I'm No alpha geek, but I'm sporting a SONY VAIO VGN-FW290 with 4GB RAM and a 2.26Ghz Core 2 Duo. And, Yes I have access to all 4GB of RAM (unlike Phil) with Win7 RC x64. The only thing I don't like about this laptop is that Sony permenently disables hardware assisted virtualization on all their Vaio laptops; I didn't know this when I bought it and NewEgg wouldn't accept a return. They didn't believe me that the laptop was malfunctioning.

    • cjibo

      Maybe he deleted the source for Vista along with ME. 

      I sport a HP NC8430 2.4 Intel Dual Core with 4GB Ram, Macbook Unibody 2.4 with 4 GB Ram + 7200 RPM 500 GB Drive, and a HP TouchSmart tx2 with AMD Turion x2 64 with 4 GB Ram (Multi-touch) woot.  I have a broken back by the way due to carrying all three in my backpack on occassion.  I need a new one that supports 8 GB now.

    • Duncanma

      You might notice our own @HumanCompiler in there as well...

    • SProst

      Awesome collection of laptops. I'm running a Lenovo Ideapad Y550 with 4GB of DDR3 @1066MHz. P8700 @ 2.53GHz (with the 1066MHz FSB), 320GB 7200 RPM Western Digital hard drive.Cool Running Win 7 RC x64.

    • Chris​Stepaniuk

      Yes, and one guy was even brave enough to leave Visual Studio maximized....

      Scott you are awesome, love it when you taunt your co-workers!

    • Human​Compiler

      The content on my laptop in that video is no secretSmiley

    • Charles

      Go Erik, go!!! Smiley

    • TobinT

      Awwww, I know what the meeting is about! Erik's presence, along with the others involved gives it away!

    • Larry Osterman

      Wow.  I'd love to have the crappiest of those laptops.


      Mine's a Toshiba A100 with 1G of RAM and a 60G hard disk.

    • Recep

      I also use a Sony VGN-FW390 w/ 4 gigs of RAM and 2.4GHz CPU and disappointed when I found out that hardware assisted virtualization is disabled. Other than that, I like it a lot. It's very wide 16.4'' but it's lightweight and easy to carry around with lots of screen space without hurting my eyes. I replaced the hard drive with a 7200rpm Hitachi that increased the disk index to 5.7.

      "Awesome edition" joke was hilarious, looks like everybody follows CodingHorror Smiley

    • Ragnar D

      Why no TabletPC's?  Okay, yes, coding on a TPC using a pen would be sanctioned by the U.N. as a form of torture.  But why no convertible tablets or slates with keyboards attached?  And to the braintrust in the room, thanks guys for putting up with the video intrusion.  Keep up the great work you do!

    • TMeers

      Glad some one else commentd on this too.

      Very fun stuff.

    • Haacked

      What I said at the end was that because my laptop is so silent, "I'm creeping". Folks in L.A. know what I mean. Or anyone who watched the second? season of Weeds.

    • Lenny76

      google a bit.

      you can find how to unlock the virtualization on vaio

    • spivonious

      lol "Windows Awesome Edition"

    • Mark Brown

      SHHH. You'll wake the neighbors Smiley

    • ooswald

      MacBook Pro running Visual Studio within Fusion. Simply because it's alive and connected instantly when I open it in the morning, while my other Vista notebook is still in progress bar land.

    • ferventcoder

      Dude with the 2 week old HP laptop - change your password.

    • codedj

      Hey Erik, what's the model number / name of your laptop. I did not find it on hp website.

    • nikhilgupta

      Nice to see google chrome installed on one of the laptops Smiley

    • Chadk

      Was that an iPhone I saw on the desk, and is that a mophie juicepack wrapped around it? Tongue Out

    • Chunky

      I use a HP 2710p convertible tablet PC with 4Gb and W7 x64.
      The small screen isn't ideal for development but in slate mode it's perfect for taking notes in meetings and drawing out diagrams.

      With the 2nd slim-line battery it'll easily run for 7 hours without having to switch off radio and dim the screen.

      Shame it doesn't support multi-touch though :¬[

    • Duncanma

      I believe Erik's machine is the 8530w



    • Glucose

      Larry, surely you're in line for a Hardware Refresh?

    • Aaron King

      Joe.  You forgot to plug mojoPortal.

      Seriously, funniest vid I've seen in awhile.  I felt at home.

    • duditz

      I absolutely hate laptops.

    • Human​Compiler

      Wow, Mark.  You're just making it worse.  Throwing hints around just from your presence.  Tongue Out  I don't think anyone will figure it out though.  Wink

    • Human​Compiler

      No.  Smiley

    • Human​Compiler

      If you get the right laptop, they can work well.  My laptop is now faster than my work computer (and it's only a year old).

      Besides, what would you have us do?  Take our desktops to a meeting?  Tongue Out

    • joechung

      What might be neat is if you could just remote into your desktop -- or some virtualized version of your "desktop" in the cloud -- from a conference room and use a haptic table a la Surface as your input/output device.  You could bring keyboards and mice (like one of the gentlemen in this video did) if you prefer physical input devices.

      This won't happen for years though, at least in your typical conference room.  Too costly: haptic devices would first have become commoditized.

    • asifashraf

      I liked em all sitting like thtat. Well the computers they are using are g8 but what haack said about hard drive? (like he liked speed over space?),what hdd was that? his ram was 4 or 2 gb? What brand was he using?

    • Glucose

      I think Haack has an SSD, so his HD is smaller but fast and silent.

    • asifashraf

      i even went mad after watching my idols laptops ....... and ran to install win7 Rc 64-Bit, downloaded that, installed it and installed VSTS2010 beta ... installed Sql server 2008 64-bit, and tried to upgrade myself to all 64............... you know i had all things 32 bit before watching this video. So this video changed my style. Well ,,,,,,, the best thing is that i have HP6720s, Core 2 Duo, 3 geg of ram, 120 interanal + 320 external HDD, two displays 15.4 and 22".........  I never found the video driver for any of vistax64s on my machines. and Win7 automatically did it. Well Thank you all ppl you showed me new way.


      Many Thanks

      (And scott you replied me, i had been BIG fan of you for several years, and your reply is more than the earth, sea and sun for me.)

    • Glucose

      That's great! Congratulations on your new machine!

    • bkonowitz

      Scott, that was a trip to watch, but I must say how surprised I am. I personally don't know how people can live with anything less than a Lenovo W700, quad core, 2 x 320 7200's (though I may have to swap one drive to SSD), and still consider it a development machine. Maybe I'm just the minority, but when I'm used to developing on a beast of a desktop, my laptop needs some serious power to keep me from feeling handicapped.

    • fastboxster

      The first few were some clunkers.  I'd be embarrassed.   I'm surprised there weren't some W700's too.

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