Hanselminutes on 9 - Phil Haack, Ted Neward, Two Friends and Qdoba

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In this found video (I found it on my Windows 7 Phone, oops!) Scott is at Qdoba with Phil Haack, Ted Neward and two other gentlemen whose names escape me. As I recall, the conversation became so interesting that I had to pull out my phone and start recording the raw footage. That footage is here, remainging raw. We talk about Testing, Culture, Microsoft, Agile and Tacos.



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The Discussion

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    Ted says that everyone can learn a skill, and I do agree with him on that, but if you have the skill naturaly you will achieve levels that are not achived by other unatural learners, and that is key on whatever you do.

    Now one thing that makes the QA not so good of a Developer is that the skills involved in developing are far more advanced then the ones required for QA, so basically a Dev can be an awesome QA, but a QA cannot be a awesome Developer.

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    I love coding and I love Qdoba.  Very nice.  In fact I was having QDoba while watching this video.

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    @SheldonS: There's recursion in this.


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    Interesting conversation here. Well, to be better, I hope to experience both as Tester and Developer at the same time. That makes up a better career too!

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